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Posted 31 August under Ask Us. +Related Content The skin on either side of your vagina is called your labia. Sometimes one or both labia can be longer. Although skin tags are harmless, vaginal skin tags may cause STD-like where a lot of friction occurs, such as around the neck, under breasts, and in . Hymenal tags are excess tissues that stick out at the edge of the hymen.

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By Yojora - 18:55
When people mention vaginal appearance (lopsided or otherwise), You may notice a bit of extra skin or additional folds. Sure, your skin may appear lighter, but that's because it's no longer hidden under a mop of hair.
By Manos - 05:55
Labial hypertrophy is when one or both vaginal lips, or labia, are larger than usual. will often have additional areas of folded skin around the vulva. People will need to take extra care to keep the area clean and dry to.
By Mazuzshura - 20:47
10 'Weird' Worries That Are Actually Present in a Normal Vagina labia majora, the outermost folds of skin where you typically have pubic hair. . and Bartholin's glands, are located around your vagina, and sometimes they can “I would say that's excessive bleeding,” Dr. Minkin says, adding that if this is.
By Nera - 18:03
Septate hymen: A septate hymen occurs when the thin membrane of the hymen (​a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the vagina) has a band of extra.

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