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Name: Deborah
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Lee and another woman spent more than an hour waving motorists into an adjacent parking lot and jumping into their cars. Also, because they are new to the streets of Orange County and assume fictitious names, police from the three jurisdictions along Harbor have found it difficult to track down prior arrest records that could lead to longer jail sentences.

San diego-based gang ran prostitutes across u.s., prosecutors say

Business Visionaries. Unlike the locals, few are heroin addicts. All three women told police they were from San Diego.

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Jim Brantley. But in the few minutes it took Roberto to move his car the woman drove away with another man. Robertson walked to the other side of the car and smiled at the tiny woman in the jacket and baggy blue jeans who somberly stepped onto the curb.

Normally calm, Robertson slammed his keys on the truck of his car. Robertson shrugged. Wearing a white jacket and light blue dress, she seemed to appear out of nowhere, just as the No Fun Detail began scanning the streets for telltale cabbies bringing the circuit girls from motels further north on Harbor. They dressed in jeans, sweaters and blouses, strolling slowly, close to the curb, keeping a steady, cautious watch on the cars.

Do I have to go to jail? The second was Valerie, a year-old heroin addict from Orange who was arrested near a motel south of 17th Street. The vice officers let the man go. The woman, san diego prostitutes where to find Wynette, yelled as her hands were cuffed behind her back, a process that revealed a map of scar tissue on her forearms.

Virtually all the prostitutes along the strip were local Anglos and Latinas, working the streets to support their heroin habits. About 10 minutes later, a Santa Ana squad car drove up and took Frances to jail. Tom Hall said vice officers there began a six-week crackdown on street prostitution last May. Some of those women only recently completed jail sentences, he said. About Us. B2B Publishing.

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Until recently, the street-prostitution scene in Orange County has been a relatively small-time operation. The circuit prostitutes pose a problem for vice officers because they are more experienced in distinguishing undercover officers from customers. Garden Grove police stopped and questioned Lee three times between April 24 and 26, said Lt. Dave Abecht.

Prostitutes plying trade despite cop crackdown

The car stopped and she stepped out. She was picked up for violating her probation several weeks ago but left town before the case was prosecuted. Frances was hysterical. The woman got in the car and Guillermo pulled away, turning into a small shopping center about a hundred feet farther north. Most of the circuit prostitutes wear wigs and makeup.

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I had the radio right in my lap. Two other women also were taken into custody, Brantley said. The driver was a young undercover policeman. Cynthia was the first.

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All Sections. But many of the circuit prostitutes remain. Two women suspected of being prostitutes had allegedly solicited him within the first hour. After a brief chase the Camaro was cornered in a residential cul-de-sac.

Prostitutes’ photos, case details put online

When the circuit prostitutes arrived in March, residents near Harbor already concerned with the prostitutes roaming their neighborhoods began taking their anger to the streets. Beginning in March, vice officers began to notice an increase in the of prostitutes working the boulevard. Dressed on a chilly evening in a tight, tan jacket, heels and a brown, leopard-print bathing suit, Lee became angry when approached by Officer Tim Murray, and even more so when a reporter and photographer walked by.

In addition, vice officers say a different type of streetwalker has has begun to appear.

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Perhaps she was looking for big money, he said. Abecht said that on all three occasions police did not have enough evidence to make an arrest and instead filled out FID field identification cards, a method of obtaining information on suspected prostitutes. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

Vice crackdown : undercover police prowling harbor boulevard find more sophisticated, out-of-town prostitutes at work

The woman, who had been arrested earlier in the week on prostitution charges, was walking slowly down Harbor Boulevard near Washington Street at about p. San Diego Police Capt.

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A of them said they came from San Diego, where a recent crackdown drove many hookers out of town. Some of those may be working Harbor Boulevard, he said.

San diego attorney sentenced for sex with prostitutes

He zipped in and out of alleys, being just elusive enough to convince his passenger he was a frightened customer and not an undercover officer. She was back on the streets at a. Roberto, another undercover officer, was sitting behind the wheel of his Chevy in a shopping center parking lot, watching Gino approach a suspected hooker, when a young blonde in a striped blouse and peddle-pushers suddenly peered in his window. Lee was arrested for solicitation of prostitution on Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim April 26, Brantley said.

A seven-mile stretch of Harbor Boulevard from the bright lights of Disneyland and the Anaheim Convention Center south to the beer ts and topless bars in Santa Ana has for years been the center of prostitution in Orange County. The Rent-a-Dents cornered her in the parking lot of a Harbor Boulevard fast-food restaurant.

A san diego attorney who had sex with a woman and a teen girl in exchange for money was sentenced to nearly four years in federal custody.

Garden Grove and Anaheim police report similar increases. Guillermo not his real name--undercover officers in this were given pseudonyms to protect their identities made a U-turn off 17th Street. The caravan closed in on the Camaro. He grabbed the radio. Police crackdowns on prostitution since March diminished the of hookers working the boulevard. This time she told officers her name was Kim Lee Jackson. They also are more expensive. Residents living near Washington Street and Harbor Boulevard stood vigil at night, holding protest s demanding that the prostitutes leave town.

Circuit hookers are easy to pick out. Or just being especially cautious. One by one the Rent-a-Dents turned off san diego prostitutes where to find thoroughfare and headed back to the station, leaving the woman strolling slowly along the sidewalk, beneath the lights of Harbor Boulevard. Unlike the local prostitutes, they wear high heels, brightly colored dresses, tight miniskirts and jump suits. Gino, who had been talking to the middle-aged man in the van, walked over to Robertson.

Police Cpl. Don Robertson, driving point in the five-car caravan, reached for a hand radio. Robertson flashed his badge, pointed at Guillermo and shouted to another vice detective. I just got out of jail two weeks ago.

Prostitutes, progressives, and police

Hot Property. His passenger was a suspected prostitute he had picked up in front of a department store. Times Store. Local prostitutes like Cynthia complain that the circuit hookers, who travel in groups of four to six with pimps, have run them off the boulevard, forcing them to work other streets where the customers are not as plentiful.

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Santa Ana police arrested prostitutes on Harbor Boulevard last year. Morales was somber about being arrested. The next day she was stopped on Garden Grove Boulevard west of Harbor. He made a U-turn into a parking lot across the street and killed his headlights. Times Events. Lee was convicted, sentenced to five to seven days in jail and given credit for time served while awaiting her court appearance.

Near Quatro Street in Garden Grove, they patrolled the neighborhood with Dobermans and cellular phones, trading insults with the hookers. Lee, using the name Kim Sado, was arrested for prostitution earlier this year and sentenced to 45 days in jail, said San Diego Vice Detective Jack Graham. Virtually all of them are black, and in a county where blacks make up only 1.

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