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Symptoms of a scaphoid fracture typically include pain and tenderness in the area just below the base of the thumb. These symptoms may worsen when you try. The scaphoid bone is one of the eight smaller carpal bones in your wrist. It lies on the thumb side of your wrist right below the radius, one of the.

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Scaphoid fracture is a common injury encountered in family medicine. Although inclusion of the thumb is the standard of care, it may not be.
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Scaphoid is most frequently fractured carpal bone; Epidemiology is a high level of suspicion can immobilize in thumb spica and reevaluate in 12 to 21 days.
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Immobilization protocols for nondisplaced scaphoid fractures have included the elbow, wrist, and thumb. This study attempts to demonstrate.
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A scaphoid fracture is a break of the scaphoid bone in the wrist. Symptoms generally includes pain at the base of the thumb which is worse with use of the hand.

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