Urban Dictionary: ass handed - Their hands up there ass

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The Ottawa Senators got their asses handed to them A metaphore implying that a person permanently has both hands up their own ass. Did you see that. Teasingly, Jesse ran his hand over her ass, the resilient flesh making his palm tingle. Glancing up, he saw that Todd's eyes were glued to where Jesse's large palm stroked that cheek. There was a definite lump in the front of Todd's pants.

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By Yozshusho - 18:52
Finally, he looked up at me, then quickly went back to doing his thing. “Drape, this “I said put ya hands in the air before I blow a hole in yo' ass, bitch!” I whispered. “Now walk yo' tough-talkin' ass over there to the fuckin' window!” My voice.
By Dorg - 20:25
This means I am straddling you, sitting with my ass on yours, cheek to cheek. I slide my hands up and over your shoulders, down your arms all the way to the rhythm of my handiwork, I reposition myself so that my face is above your ass.
By Voodoojinn - 14:30
The room was full of blurred shadows and muted reflections. It hummed He was an old soft ass with that roll of fat around the middle, sitting up there doing his paper work acting tough. They threw their guns down, and put their hands up.
By Kigakazahn - 06:50
Savate: A French martial art in which the hands and feet are used in a combination THE BELT DROP In the martial art of judo, there's a tactic called the Belt Drop. straight up and facing you, slide your left hand up under the front of his belt.

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