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We support women who are in the sex industry and the ones who have exited.

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The law protects those who sell their own sexual services from criminal liability. London Abused Women's Centre.

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The London Abused Women's Centre LAWC The London Abused Women's Centre, located in Ontario, Canadatakes systemic action to end the oppression of women while providing women and girls subjected to male violence with immediate access to long-term, trauma-informed, woman-centred escorts in canada, advocacy and support.

The most comprehensive overview of Ontarians' views of the legislative approach to prostitution was completed in The Government of Canada intends to evaluate the success of the legislation, now five years since its passage, in protecting communities, helping survivors access services and holding sex purchasers and traffickers able.

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The poll are of interest to Canadians and the Government of Canada. This current poll was done to ensure that the views of Canadians are represented in the government's evaluation. It provides clear encouragement to maintain a law that decriminalizes women in prostitution while stating that sexual exploitation has to go!

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With the Government of Canada's announcement that it will evaluate the impact of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act PCEPAenacted to address prostitution in Canadathis first national poll researching prostitution will help ensure that the views of Canadians are represented in the evaluation; help inform the process; and help raise public awareness about Canada's current legislation.

CATW engages in legal advocacy, public awareness, and education and prevention programs escorts in canada combat trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in AsiaAfricaLatin AmericaEurope and North America. We believe that the voices of survivors of this form of violence and their leadership in ending this form of violence is essential to the feminist movement.

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The PCEPA addresses the system of prostitution by solely decriminalizing individuals who are bought and sold in prostitution, while holding able purchasers of sexual acts "sex buyers"promoters of prostitution pimping owners and managers of commercial sex establishments e. It is estimated that 50 percent of sexually exploited girls and 51 per cent of trafficked women in Escorts in canada are Indigenous," said Megan Walkerexecutive director of LAWC.

La Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle CLES The Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle CLES is a frontline organization that believe that prostitution is a form of violence against women and a systemic example of women's inequality, women's poverty, as well as of racism and colonialism.

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The law does not criminalize women and people who are bought and sold in the sex trade. Research Methodology These observations are based on an RDD dual frame land- and cell-lines hybrid telephone and online random survey of 1, Canadians, 18 years of age or older, between July 26 th and 30 th Organization Profile.

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The law mandates the government to provide services to prostituted and sex trafficked individuals, who are mostly women and girls, while prohibiting the purchase of sexual acts; owning or operating a brothel; pimping; and trafficking. Both the Ontario and national polls demonstrate that many more Canadians are supportive of Canada's current prostitution legislation and would not endorse the legalization or full decriminalization of prostitution.

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