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A thumb signal, usually described as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward or. The thumbs-up sign has been confusing people for thousands of years. . in our look at The 9 Most Devastating Insults From Around the World.

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By Vudolmaran - 03:42
The thumbs up, the "OK" sign, and crossing your fingers are all examples the equivalent to the middle finger — the gesture has "insulting and.
By Nikojas - 10:14
Don't make a thumbs up if you're going on holiday to Greece this year.
By Yozshugul - 09:00
Success leaves clues, or in some instances, the lack of success leaves clues! Gestures are one of the first things to come to mind that can.
By Malajora - 18:40
Iraqis are giving passing Americans the "thumbs up" sign, which the troops travelers insist that the gesture is a crass Middle Eastern insult.

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